Günün Deyimi: Horse around

Today's phrase

To horse around means to behave in a silly way, making noise and causing disruption.


During the school holidays there was no peace in the house. Johnny and Annie horsed around all day, every day.

I was horsing around with some friends in the library - we got told to leave.

Take note

If someone tells you they heard something from the horse's mouth it means they heard it from the original source; therefore, it must be true.


Interest rates are definitely going up next month. The finance minister was talking about it on TV - I heard it from the horse's mouth.

Interesting fact

Research by scientists based at King's College London and Brown University, Rhode Island, suggests that immersing children in a bilingual environment before the age of four gives them the best chance of becoming fluent in both languages. They studied 108 children with normal brain development between the ages of one and six.


horse around: maskaralık etmek

from the horse's mouth: en yetkili ağızdan

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