Emails 4: 语言专家

Simon Cuddihy



Do you think you could work out the tone 语气 of an email? In this programme our student volunteers look closely at two emails, with help from Jean Dong and our language expert Simon Cuddihy.

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In the programme you will hear two emails being read.

Imagine that you have just spent your weekend working hard on a report 报告 that still isn't quite finished. When you get to work on Monday morning this email is waiting for you in your inbox from your boss, Nigel.

What do you think about this email? Is it friendly or unfriendly? Formal or informal?

From: Nigel Evans, APAC Management

To: Mark Harrison, APAC Management

Subject: Re: Report deadline


I just left a message on your voicemail. I was wondering when the draft report might be ready. As you know Thursday is the deadline and I know that Sarah is concerned that we won't have sufficient time to review the document properly. Could you give me an update when you get this please?


Now look at this possible response 回复 to that email. Do you think it is a good response? Why / why not?

From: Mark Harrison, APAC Management

To: Nigel Evans, APAC Management

Subject: Re: Christmas Dinner

Dear Nigel,

Thank you very much for your email about the project report.

You will be relieved to hear that everyone here has been working on this report very hard indeed! I came into work on Sunday to finish it off. It has been a very long process but hopefully it will be more than satisfactory when it is completed.

I was of course planning to have the report on your desk this morning. But unfortunately at the last moment Jane spotted one or two mistakes in some of the tables. Basically, she had miscalculated the contingency at 10% instead of the 12% we agreed before.

We are changing that right now and you should get the report to you by the end of today.

I’m very sorry for the delay.

All the best


Mark Harrison

Listen to the programme to hear a full discussion of these two emails.

关于 Simon Cuddihy

Simon 是一位拥有十年英语教学经验的英语语言专家。在过去的五年里,Simon 的主要授课领域为高等教育中的学术英语。Simon 目前在伦敦政治与经济学院任教,主教英语书写技巧。


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在下期节目里,商务专家 Andrew Methven 将和我们一起来谈论一个令英语学习者惧怕的商务技能:电话沟通。

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