Christmas Food 圣诞美味

The script of this programme 本节目台词


Emily: Hello I'm Emily and welcome to BBC Learning English. People in the UK are preparing for Christmas.

Li: 是啊,圣诞节的装饰都摆好了,礼物也准备得差不多了…啊,我是杨莉。

Emily: …and people are ordering their Christmas food.

Li: Ordering 是预定 Christmas Day 圣诞日。 人们已经开始预定圣诞食品了。12月25号是圣诞节,这也是家庭团聚的一天。大家会好好享受丰盛的食品,相互交换礼物。But what do the British eat on Christmas Day, Emily?

Christmas cake

It looks beautiful and it tastes delicious!

Emily: Well, in today's On the Town we're going to find out more about food that is popular at this time of year in the UK. First, let's hear from some Londoners. What's their favourite Christmas food?

Man 1: Traditionally I like turkey but sometimes I prefer goose.

Man 2: I like turkey with gravy, roast potatoes and nice vegetables. That's probably the best.

Woman 1: I like turkey with cranberry and potatoes.

Woman 2: I like them all – I like Christmas cake and mince pies.

Man 1: I like this English bread sauce, cranberry sauce, and all that sort of thing.

Christmas Turkey

Turkey with all the trimmings.

Li: Most of them said they like to eat turkey on Christmas Day. 多数人喜欢吃火鸡 turkey.

Emily: The second man we heard said he likes his turkey with gravy and roast potatoes.

Li: Roast potatoes 烤土豆,这烤土豆学问很高,外面刷上油,再撒点盐,关键是要掌握好时间,外皮脆脆的,里面很松软 roast potatoes. Oh, yummy!

Emily: Mmm. We also heard a couple of people mention sauces: cranberry sauce.

Li: 是小红梅果酱。

Emily: Bread sauce.

Li: 是面包糠加奶油和洋葱做出来的酱。

Emily: And gravy.

Christmas dinner

Can you see the roasted potatoes?

Li: 是原味肉汁,浇在烤肉上面吃最棒了。

Emily: Mmm, just thinking about it is making me hungry!

Li: It sounds good!

So that's the savoury part of the meal – savoury 咸味的。But what sweet food do you eat on Christmas Day? The second woman we heard said she likes Christmas cake and mince pies.

Woman 2: I like them all – I like Christmas cake and mince pies.

Emily: Christmas cake is a special fruit cake with icing. It's made a month before Christmas so it can mature.

Li: Wow, 这个蛋糕是1个月前就做好了,要让里面的味道慢慢渗透出来。

Emily: At the end of the meal the mince pies are heated up and eaten.

Li: Mince pies 是甜味百果酥饼,里面的馅二是用牛板油,和各种果脯,果皮做的。It sounds like a real feast!

Emily: Yes, it is and Christmas dinner can last for hours! Well Li, you're in for a treat today!

Li: Oh yes?

Emily: Last weekend I made some mince pies at home.

Li: Oh lovely, will I get one?

Emily: You'll have to wait and see!

Li: Before we hear how it went, here are some words to help you understand the recipe 菜谱。

dried fruit

All these lovely dried fruits go into the mince pies!

Emily: Orange or lemon zest.

Li: 橙子或柠檬皮。

Emily: Ginger.

Li: 生姜。

Emily: Pastry.

Li: 面皮。

Emily: I'm making mince pies in my kitchen at home. The recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar, apples, dried fruit, spices, ginger wine, and orange zest. But I'm going to use lemon zest because I don't like oranges. Here goes – let's start mixing.

(sounds of peeling, chopping, pouring, mixing, heating, boiling)

flour, butter and sugar

Flour, butter and sugar are the three key ingredients for making pastry.

Emily: I'm going to roll out the pastry and put a piece of circular pastry in each of the holes in the tin. And then the mince will go inside it and then another round of pastry goes on the top and then it goes in the oven….

Cool it down for a bit and then try. (Takes a bite) Mmm, yummy. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle – perfect!

Li: So Emily, I've been very patient – where's my treat? Am I going to have some mince pies?

Emily: Of course, I've got some with me – here you go (opens tin and gives a mince pie to Li).

Li: Mmm, wow, let's see. Oh, smells gorgeous! (Takes a bite) Wow, this is the best mince pie I have ever tasted Emily!

a mice pie

The best mince pie Li has ever tasted!

Emily: I'm going to have another bite. Mmm.

Li: Lovely!

Emily: Well that's all for today. I'm going to carry on eating my mince pie. Shall we go and finish these off?

Li: Mmm, yeah.

Emily: Merry Christmas Li!

Li: Merry Christmas Emily.

Both: And Merry Christmas to you all!

Li: Well, do visit our website, where you can find lots of other interesting programmes about the UK. Bye!

Emily: Bye.

Note: download the script to see the full recipe.

How to make mince pies 制作白果馅饼图解

  • A bowl of dried fruit soaked in ginger wine
    Mincemeat: First, put all the dried fruit 果仁 (sultanas, raisins, dried cranberries and dates) into a bowl with 100ml ginger wine. Leave to soak 浸泡 overnight.
  • An apple being peeled (left); chopped apple (right)
    Peel 削皮 and core 去核 the apple and then chop very finely 很细。
  • A lemon being zested
    Zest 切橙皮 a lemon by finely grating 磨碎 the top layer of the skin.
  • A saucepan with butter, sugar and other ingredients
    Put the butter, sugar, apple juice, ginger and all the spices in a saucepan 平底锅. Heat gently, stirring 搅动 occasionally, until the butter and sugar have melted 溶化。
  • Dried fruit being poured into a pan.
    Add the chopped apple, the lemon zest and the soaked dried fruit to the pan, stirring it well. Simmer 煮开 gently for 10 minutes until the apple has softened 变软了 and then add the rest of the ginger wine and leave the mixture to cool.
  • Flour, butter, sugar weighed and mixed.
    Pastry: In a separate bowl, sieve 筛,滤 the flour, chop 切块the butter into squares and add the sugar and ground almonds. Rub these ingredients together with your hands until they look like breadcrumbs 面包渣。
  • Eggs and flour.
    Crack 磕开two small eggs into a bowl and beat 打 them. Stir the eggs into the flour mixture to make dough 面团 for the pastry.
  • Making pastry.
    Bring the pastry mixture together with your hands, wrap in clingfilm 保鲜膜 and put in the fridge for an hour. Using a rolling pin 擀面杖, roll the pastry on a flat surface. Cut round shapes of pastry and press them into a pie tin 派盘。
  • Filling the pies with mincemeat.
    Spoon 舀取small amounts of the mincemeat into each pastry-filled hole in the pie tin. Cut more smaller round shapes of pastry and place over the top of each pie.
  • Cooked mince pies
    Brush 刷the tops of each pie with beaten egg 打好的鸡蛋and put the pies in the oven for 20 minutes until they're brown.
  • A half-eaten mince pie.
    When the mince pies have cooled, you can take a bite 尝一口of this lovely treat 美味佳肴!



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