The Year of the Dragon 世界各地欢庆龙年

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The Year of the Dragon 世界各地欢庆龙年

  • Portsmouth, England
    Giant dolls of Charles Dickens's characters 人物 are displayed in the street where he was born in Portsmouth, England. The bicentenary 两百周年纪念日 of the birth of the world-famous novelist is being celebrated this month.
  • Albert Bridge
    The full moon rises over Albert Bridge, which is said to be one of the most romantic 浪漫的 bridges in London. It will be the start point for the flotilla of boats 小船队 that will make their way along the Thames as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration.
  • London Zoo
    Freezing their tails off! 冷死了! Meerkats in the snow at London Zoo, London as freezing temperatures continued this week across the UK. Temperatures in Europe have been consistently low, with -39.4C being recorded 纪录 in the Czech Republic.
  • Central London
    A life-size 尺寸逼真的 western gray whale replica floats past the Houses of Parliament in central London as WWF highlights the plight 困境 of the last remaining 130.
  • Woolwich
    Schoolchildren hold Union flags 英国国旗 as they wait for members of The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery to arrive in Woolwich, where it is relocating 迁移 from St John's Wood to Napier Lanes.
  • Tate Modern
    Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama shows her artwork, 'Love Arrives at the Earth Carrying with it a Tale of the Cosmos' 宇宙, at the Tate Modern, London. Kusama is also a novelist, poet and fashion designer 时装设计师。
  • Kent
    A bit of snow hasn't deterred 阻止 some people from walking their dog in places like Broadstairs, Kent, as Britain's big freeze shows little sign of relenting (仁慈)缓和/回升 with sub-zero temperatures.

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