Private and Personal '私人' 和 '个人'

 2012年 1月 27日, 星期五 - 格林尼治标准时间09:56

A question from Sunnie in Guangzhou.

"Can you tell me the difference between 'personal' and 'private'? Is it correct to say 'a personal matter'?"

Sunnie, Guangzhou

In this week's Question and Answer of the Week, we consider the difference between the words 'personal' and 'private'.

Have a look at these sentences and see if you can work it out. Listen to the programme to check whether you are right.

I have to leave work early today. It's a personal matter.

She's terrified of the paparazzi so she hired her own private bodyguard.

You can borrow this book if you like; it's my own personal copy.

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