'The Curtain' 古剧院在伦敦出土

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The original location of 'The Curtain'

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伦敦的考古学家说他们发现了一座曾经上映过莎士比亚剧作的伊丽莎白时期的剧院‘The Curtain’这所建筑可能是英格兰第二个专门建造的戏院。以下是BBC记者Vincent Dowd的报道。

'The Curtain' theatre opened in 1577, a year after 'The Theatre' nearby. Most experts reckon that was the first dedicated theatre-building in England – earlier performances had been in tavern-yards or at court.

The approximate location of The Curtain was already known, but now experts at the Museum of London say they've identified remarkably intact elements of walling and the yard where poorer theatre-goers stood. The developers who own the site say they plan to incorporate the theatre's remains into their project.

The best-known Shakespearean theatre in London is The Globe - although that's a modern reconstruction, a short distance from the original site.

Quiz 听力测试

Which theatre opened first, 'The Curtain' or 'The Theatre'?

'The Theatre'.

Which word is used to describe the 'The Curtain' as having been a purpose-built theatre?


Which word means 'untouched'?


What's the name of the best-known Shakespearean theatre in London?

The Globe.

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