Stony-faced 面无表情的

Ed Miliband
Image caption A facial expression that tells you little of what the person is thinking


如果形容某人是 stony-faced 那就表示此人看上去毫无表情或不动心的。


I tried to get the judge to be on my side by making a joke but he remained stony-faced.

I got caught smoking at school. I'll never forget the stony faces of my parents when they read the letter from the headmaster.


我们还可以用 stonily 作副词。


Mary didn't cry at the funeral. Even when other people were weeping she just stared stonily at the ground.

我们可以用 a stony silence 来表示一种尴尬的沉默。


I've been asking her what's wrong for hours but all I get is this stony silence.