Going downhill 走下坡路

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Laura Gut skiing during the Women’s World Cup Downhill Ski training session.

Laura Gut practises her downhill skiing for the Women’s World Cup near Sochi, Russia. Photo by Olivier Morin.



‘Downhill’ is the fastest form of Alpine skiing. Competitors ski down a steep course in the fastest time possible, reaching speeds of up to 85mph. The vertical drop on downhill courses is 800-1100m for men and 500-800m for women

Downhill 是最快速的高山滑雪形式。参赛者从雪山高处以最快的速度滑下,时速能达到每小时 85 英里。山顶到山底的高度落差分别是男子赛 800-1100 米,女子赛 500-800 米。

在英语里,go downhill 这个短语的直接翻译是下山的意思,它也可以用来形容形势越来越糟或者无法控制。


My grandfather's been in hospital for the last month. He wasn't too bad at first, but he's rapidly going downhill.

The company is not making profits – business is really going downhill.

I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can before the baby is born – it all goes downhill from there!


另有一个短语是 an uphill struggle 一场困难的斗争,用来形容某件事情很难办到或者需要付出很多的心血才能完成。

Finishing my degree whilst holding down a full-time job was a real uphill struggle.

He has just been made redundant and his wife’s expecting twins – the next couple of months are going to be a real uphill struggle for them.


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