Show your face 露面

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An Indian woman has coloured powder put on her face

A woman has coloured powder applied to her face during celebrations of Holi, the festival of colours that heralds the beginning of spring, in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad. Picture by Krishnendu Halder


To show (your) face 意思是到某地区露面/亮相,尽管你不受欢迎。基本上就是露面,出场的意思。



Holi, the annual Hindu festival of colours, is being celebrated across India.

The biggest celebrations take place in the temples of the northern town of Vrindavan. During the festival, people throw scented coloured powder and perfume at each other.


How do you dare you show your face in this restaurant after having left without paying last time you ate here!?

Mary wasn't keen on leaving her house after her husband's death but we insisted that she showed her face in family gatherings.

I don't really want to go to that party. I'm just going to show my face and then leave.


另一个容易混淆的短语是 To put on a brave face. 意思是故作勇敢。

Mr Jones put on a brave face in spite of having been made redundant from his job of 20 years.

The British have a reputation for putting on a brave face even in times of war.


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