Colourful but dangerous 漂亮但危险

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colour face

What a colourful face!

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印度胡里狂欢节期间已经有近两百人被送进了孟买的医院。按照当地的习俗,人们在庆祝活动中相互投掷五颜六色的粉彩。不过医生们怀疑某些粉彩可能含有有毒物质,导致一些人有不不良反应。以下是BBC记者 Rajini Vaidyanathan从孟买发回的报道:

Doctors at Mumbai's Sion hospital say dozens of patients arrived at the casualty ward complaining of giddiness, vomiting and headaches. The vast majority were children from one of Mumbai's largest slums, Dharavi. Most are in a stable condition. It's believed they developed a reaction to coloured powders they were throwing.

Across the country, millions of people from all walks of life smear and cover themselves from head to toe in bright paints and powders as is custom for Holi. But there has been concern for some time that some of the artificially-produced dyes, which are cheap to buy, contain harmful toxic chemicals which can lead to serious skin and breathing problems.

There has been a push in recent years to encourage more revellers to use organic and environmentally-friendly dyes to avoid health risks.

Quiz 听力测试

True, false or not given: More than twelve people have been taken ill in Mumbai.

True: A dozen means twelve.

What are the symptoms of the patients?

Giddiness, vomiting and headaches.

True or false: The paints and powders people use for the celebration may be dangerous.

True: They may contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to people.

How can people avoid health risks for future Holi Festivals?

By using organic and environmentally-friendly dyes.

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