Brits bin their bread 英国人丢弃面包

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Vocabulary: bread英语学习点: 面包词语和成语

A loaf of bread

A staple in the English diet

Can you imagine what 680,000 tonnes of food looks like? That's the amount wasted in Britain each year, and at the top of the list of wasted foods is... bread.

One of the staples in the British diet, bread is toasted for breakfast, used for sandwiches for lunch and dipped in soups at dinner. Almost everyone in Britain buys bread – from people in the upper crust of society to regular breadwinners who don't have much dough.

Bread is so important to Brits that we use the slang word 'bread' to mean 'money' and the word 'loaf' to mean 'head'. So let's use our loaves to understand why so much bread is wasted!

Bread History

1928: First bread slicing machine, invented by Otto Rohwedder, exhibited in US

1941: Calcium added to UK flour to prevent rickets

1942: The national loaf - much like today's brown loaf - introduced to combat a shortage of white flour

Source: The Federation of Bakers

Even though bread is still selling like hot cakes, the packets are opened but not finished. We often say that half a loaf is still better than none, but it seems people are simply buying much more than they need.

Baker Chris Young suggests that the British aren't using every last crumb because bread is no longer respected: "None of the bread that is thrown away is 'real' bread, homemade or artisan bread."

Eco-campaigner Mark Boyle agrees. "If you make something yourself (…) you don't waste that bread because you know how much energy you've put into it." But although home baking is a nice idea, for many it's biting off more than they can chew. People work such long hours to put bread on the table and simply don't have the time.

Perhaps we British should just invest a little more of our hard-earned bread in buying better loaves. These would make our diet healthier and our bins lighter: healthy, artisan loaves might just be the best thing since sliced bread.

Quiz 测验

Is this statement true, false or not given? 680,000 tonnes of bread are wasted every year in Britain.

False: 680,000 tonnes of food is wasted. The food we waste most is bread, which amounts to nearly a third of this total.

What kind of people buy bread in Britain?

Everyone buys bread in Britain: both people from the upper crust of society (who have a lot of money) and people who don't have much 'bread' or 'dough'.

Which English slang words related to bread does the article mention?

The article mentions 'bread' and 'dough', which are used to mean 'money', and 'loaf' which also means 'head'.

Which expression in the article refers to doing something that is too difficult?

The expression 'to bite off more than one can chew' means to try to do something that is too difficult. In the article, this means that for Brits baking at home might be too ambitious since people do not have enough time.

Find a phrasal verb that means 'to bin' in the article.

To 'throw away' also means to put something in the bin.

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