Close-knit 紧密的

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A long Olympic-themed woollen scarf.

An Olympic-themed woollen scarf, stretching for about 50 metres, which has been tied to the railings on Saltburn Pier in Saltburn, England. Photo: Scott Heppell


Close-knit 经常被用来形容关系紧密的人群或组织,可以是家庭,社会群体或有文化关联的组织。



This scarf features all the events, colours of all the competing countries and the Olympic rings. It has been tied around the railings of Saltburn pier in England. At 50 metres long it is not the longest scarf ever knitted. The record is 33.74 miles for one that was knitted in Wales in 2005.

这条围巾包括了奥运会所有的比赛项目,所有参赛国的国旗颜色及奥运五环。 缠绕在Saltburn 码头栏杆上的这条围巾总长为50米。 不过它还不是最长的围巾,世界纪录是2005年在威尔士织出来的那条长达33.74英里(约54300米)的围巾。

The island has a close-knit community and everyone pulls together when someone needs help.

They are such a close-knit family that they never keep secrets from each other.


成语 to be in stitches 意思是忍不住大笑。

The play was so funny it had him in stitches.

She was in stitches when she heard him describe what he had done the night before.


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