Picture-perfect 十全十美的

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Artists queuing at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Artists submit works to the Royal Academy of Arts for the Summer Exhibition. Photo by Dan Kitwood.



The Royal Academy of Arts’ Summer Exhibition is a contemporary arts exhibition which runs from June until August in London. It is the largest open submission exhibition in the world, and attracts many artists keen to show off their work.


在英语里, 如果什么东西是完美的,没有任何瑕疵的,那么可以用picture-perfect 来形容。


We had a fantastic weekend at the seaside. The weather was beautiful – it was really picture-perfect.

My daughter's wedding dress was so lovely, she looked picture-perfect on her big day.

Our new house in the countryside is picture-perfect!


如果'someone's face is a picture', 意思就是他们对某事很惊讶或很生气。

When I told the boss I needed the afternoon off his face was a picture!

My son's face was a picture when I told him he wasn't allowed to go to the party.


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