Harry Potter studio tour 哈里波特摄影棚对外开放

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Vocabulary: anticipation and excitement 词汇:期待和兴奋

Rupert Grint with fans

Rupert Grint with fans at the Harry Potter studio tour

Anticipation is running at fever pitch; excitement off the scale. Now, this week, the brand new Harry Potter studio tour finally opened its doors to the public.

Fans have been impatient for more of Harry Potter and his friends since the book and film series came to an end.

Since last year, when Warner Bros. announced they would be allowing the public to get a glimpse inside the world of Hogwarts, Muggles fans have been eagerly awaiting the opening day.

Tickets were made available in advance and have been selling like hot cakes, with fans looking forward to stepping into the shoes of Harry Potter. So after a fanfare grand opening this week, keen families flocked to the new attraction in north London.

The tour, which lasts approximately three hours, highlights many of the aspects that made the films such a success, from props and costumes, to models and original film sets, including the Grand Hall from Hogwart’s school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

This behind-the-scenes experience was always going to be a great selling point for diehard fans and initial reviews have been generally positive, with enthusiasts praising the decoration and attention to detail.

But the high admission prices have been criticised. At £28 (280 yuan) for an adult ticket, and a family of four having to pay around £85 (849 yuan), critics have questioned the intention of the attraction.

With such fervour for the books and films, are Harry Potter’s creators now cynically cashing in on the global popularity of the series?

It is unlikely the high costs will put off most fans, but at what price should people pay to enjoy the imaginative world of Harry, Hermione and Hogwarts? Are we Muggles now being mugged?

Quiz 测验

Is this statement true, false or not given? The Harry Potter studio tour has not sold many tickets so far.

False. Tickets have been selling like hot cakes.

What is the phrase used to describe allowing people to see inside?

To get a glimpse

When did the studio tour open last year, last month or this week?

This week

What is another name for someone who is an enthusiast of something?

A fan

When someone can’t wait for something to happen they are what?


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