Fashion victim 时装努

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Models on a catwalk

Models on the catwalk as part of Alternative Fashion Week in London.

Fashion victim 时装努


Designers come from all over the UK and other parts of the world including Italy, Spain, Norway, Poland, Bulgaria, Uruguay and Sri Lanka to present their work at Alternative Fashion Week. There's an emphasis on original and recycled textiles as well as environmental awareness and ethical sourcing.


如果形容一个人是 A fashion victim 那么就意味着这个人是个被流行牵着鼻子走的人,时装奴。


Look at Dave. He's wearing ridiculous skinny jeans and a leather jacket even though he's 50. He's such a fashion victim.

Does this purple Mohican suit me? I know, I know, I'm a real fashion victim.

I went for a drink last night in a trendy bar and everyone was wearing these huge glasses. They thought they were really cool but they looked absurd – real fashion victims.


另一个同流行有关的词语是 fashionista. A fashionista 就是撰写有关时装评论与报导的人。

I watched an interview on the news last night with this fashionista talking about how certain styles have always been trendy.


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