The Goth Weekend in Whitby 哥特式周末

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The Goth weekend in Whitby 哥特式周末

A learning English audio programme about a Goth weekend in Whitby


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The Goth Weekend in Whitby

Whitby Goth Weekend started in 1994 to celebrate dark and mysterious things.

Whitby's charm draws plenty of visitors to the northeast coast of England, but twice a year there is a change in the clientele.

The Irish novelist Bram Stoker was inspired to write Dracula when he came to Whitby in 1890 and its influence has turned it into a modern day Mecca for Goths. Seventeen years ago, just 200 people came for the first ever Goth weekend in the town. Today, there are thousands.

Rosie and Helen tell us more about this event in this week's On the Town.

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