To catch your eye / eye-catching 抓眼球/醒目

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Helen: Hi Chris, I see you've got an interesting new jumper. 你身上的这件套衫挺有意思的。

Chris: Ah, yes. I went to the market this weekend. I wasn't looking for a new jumper but I walked past a vintage clothing stall and this just caught my eye.

Helen: Ow, did it hurt? 买衣服的时候把眼睛给拉了一下,疼不疼?

Chris: No, no. It's just a way of saying it attracted my attention and it made me want to take a closer look. I eventually bought it for only £10. What do you think?

Helen: Well, it's OK. But I don't really like the yellow colour with orange sleeves. It's a bit bright!看着有点儿扎眼!

Chris: What do you mean?

Helen: I have to be honest Chris: bright colours don't really suit you. 很鲜艳的颜色不是特别适合你。

Chris: Oh. Well, it might not be to your taste, but I'm sure other people will like it.

Helen: Jen, what do you think of Chris's outfit today?

Jen: Wow, that's an eye-catching jumper! Don't tell me you actually paid for that?

Chris: Wh-

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What does 'eye-catching' mean?

Helen: An eye-catching jumper. So when it catches your eye, you notice it. 一下子就抓住了你的目光 eye catching.

Jen: That's right, Helen. But eye-catching doesn't necessarily mean it's bright – like Chris's interesting jumper. It can be something that you quickly see because it surprises or interests you.

Chris: You can also catch other people's eyes.

Helen: Urgh, I hope no-one throws their eyes at me! 我可不希望人们把他们的眼珠子都扔向我。

Chris: It's a gesture that can be romantic – to catch someone's eye across a crowded room.Let's listen to some examples:


Jeff was about to give up and leave when he caught Sophie's eye at the bar.

David was impatient to leave the restaurant and raised his hand to catch the waiter's eye.

Chris: So you can grab someone else's attention by looking at them with your eyes.

Helen: Hmm.那么如果我看上了某个人,我可不可以问 if I can catch their eye?

Chris: No, it's just something you do when you look at someone. You don't need to ask.

Helen: I'm looking around the room, I'm looking around the room and now I'm looking at you, Chris. I'm catching your eye. 我们的目光对上了。

Chris: That's right.

Helen: I'm catching your eye!

Chris: Well, it is only temporary. If you look for any longer it can become a stare.

Helen: I've caught your eye! 我抓住你的目光了。

Chris:Yes, yes you have… OK, you are definitely staring at me now.

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