Determined to succeed 下定决心要成功

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英语学习点挑战和决心 Vocabulary: challenge and determination

Claire Lomas crossing the finishing line

Claire Lomas crossing the finishing line

What's the most challenging thing you have ever achieved?

This week Claire Lomas, a 32-year-old British woman, achieved the remarkable feat of finishing the London Marathon. What made this achievement all the more amazing is that Claire is paralysed from the chest down.

Since suffering a spinal injury after falling from a horse, Claire has been unable to walk. But her determination to complete the route of the marathon has been seen as hugely courageous, and one that has helped to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

Claire is able to walk with the assistance of a robotic walking suit, which supports the weight of her body and allows her to balance whilst standing. The suit also enables the user to walk small distances, but Claire's perseverance saw her complete the entire physically gruelling 26-mile journey.

For sixteen days, Claire woke each morning and doggedly continued her course around London, one mile at a time. With the help of an assistant to support her, she steadily and progressively walked the exact route of the other 36,000 marathon runners.

Her accomplishment was greeted by hundreds of cheering supporters who watched her final, brave steps across the finish line in front of Buckingham Palace.

Her tenacity and plucky attitude has raised speculation about what challenge Claire may tackle next. Some people have even suggested she could take a shot at swimming the English Channel.

Quiz 小测验

1. How did Claire suffer her spinal injury?

She fell from a horse.

2. Claire has lots of determination. Can you find a word in the text which means 'to have determination'?


3. Is this statement true, false or not given? Claire took twenty days to complete the route of the London Marathon.

False. Claire took sixteen days to complete the route of the London Marathon.

4. Can you find an adjective which describes the 26-mile journey?


5. If Claire takes a shot at swimming the English Channel, does that mean she will shoot at it with a gun?

No, it means she will attempt to swim the English Channel.

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