Flip out 失控暴怒

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People participate in the National Flipper Race in Amsterdam

People participate in the National Flipper Race at the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Photo by Ade Johnson.

Flip out 失控暴怒


Leonardo da Vinci was one of the earliest inventors to work on the concept of an artificial flipper to help swimmers. The American inventor Benjamin Franklin also made an early design from wood.


英语短语 to flip out 意思是由于震惊而失控暴怒。


When Kate heard that she hadn't got a place at her first choice of university she really flipped out and started shouting and screaming.

The flight was cancelled and lots of passengers started flipping out at the airline staff.


The flip side 是另一个意思,表示反面,特别指物体或论点的负面,不利面。

The Olympics is a great event; on the flip side it's very expensive to host.


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