On the ball 机灵

更新时间 2012年 5月 16日, 星期三 - 格林尼治标准时间16:44
US President Barack Obama and LA Galaxy Football Team

Barack Obama in the White House with Major League Soccer champions LA Galaxy and their star player David Beckham.


如果形容一个人是 on the ball, 那就意味着这个人非常机灵。


David Beckham is the highest-paid player in American Major League soccer. Last year he earned six and a half million dollars. President Obama made jokes about Beckham because he advertises underwear.



Brian managed to learn the new college computer system in just a couple of hours. He's really on the ball.

You have to be on the ball to win on that TV quiz show. You only have half a second to answer the questions.


如果形容某件事是 a whole new ball game, 那就意味着这是与以往不同的一种全新的事物。

I had a few Chinese lessons at school but actually speaking to Chinese people is a whole new ball game.


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