Eclipse something 超越于

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An annular solar eclipse

An annular solar eclipse, where the moon passes in front of the sun, is seen from Tokyo. Photo: Kazuhiro Nogi.

Eclipse something 超越于

如果说你 eclipse 什么东西,那就意味着你超越了或优胜于什么。


An annular eclipse occurs when the moon is at its farthest from the Earth and does not block out the sun completely. This last occurred on the 21st May 2012 and was visible across much of east Asia and North America.

日环食指 日面的中央部分被月面所遮掩而周围仍呈现一个明亮光环的现象。最近的一次日环食发生在2012 年五月二十一日,届时亚洲的大部分地区和北美都能看到。


She got the job because her interview eclipsed all of the others.

That's the best goal he's ever scored: it eclipses all the rest.

This has been such a great day; nothing can eclipse it.


另一个英语单词 overshadow 意思是使失色,比如说 A is overshadowed by B, 这句话的意思就是 B 夺去了A 的光彩。换句话说,A 被 B 比下来了,不再那么重要了。

The president's death overshadowed all other news yesterday.


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