To axe something 取消/削减

更新时间 2012年 6月 1日, 星期五 - 格林尼治标准时间13:55
A man holding an axe over his face

A man holding and axe over his face in a strongman contest in New York. Photo: Keith Bedford.

To axe something 取消/削减

动词 to axe something 意思是终止或砍掉,经常用来形容经济和金融形势。


The Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular is a traditional strongman competition held in New York. Competitors prove their strength by bending spanners, towing automobiles and lifting fire extinguishers.



The government has axed funding for community centres.

If sales don't improve we will be forced to axe jobs.

This footballer is really letting the team down. The manager should axe him in the summer.


另一个同 axe 相关的短语是 an axe to grind, 意思是抱怨什么事情。

Nigel really gets on my nerves – he's always got an axe to grind about something.


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