To jump for joy 欢呼雀跃

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Three girls jump in the Ohrid Lake in Macedonia at sunset

Three girls jump in the Ohrid Lake in Macedonia at sunset during a recent heatwave. Photo by Robert Atanasovski.


如果形容某人 to jump for joy 意思就是他们非常高兴,兴高采烈,欢呼雀跃。


Lake Ohrid is one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes. It straddles the mountainous border between south-western Macedonia and eastern Albania. It contains a unique aquatic ecosystem, with more than 200 endemic species, that is of worldwide importance. The lake was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1979.

奥赫里德湖是欧洲最 和最古老的湖泊。它 位于 马其顿西南的山区和阿尔巴尼亚东部之间。它包含一个独特的水生生态系统,拥有超过 200 个特有物种 。 这些物种具有全球 重要性。 联合国教科文组织与 1979 年宣布 奥赫里德湖为 世界遗产保护区


Helen jumped for joy when her boyfriend asked her to marry him.

John jumped for joy when he discovered he had won the lottery!

The students were jumping for joy when they saw their exam results.


另一个短语 to jump the gun 意思是行动过早,操之过急。

Example: We don't want to jump the gun by announcing who's passed the exam until all the results are in.


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