Clowning around 胡闹

更新时间 2012年 7月 26日, 星期四 - 格林尼治标准时间13:02
Clowns at the Latin American Clown Congress

Clowns at the 4th annual Latin American Clown Congress in Guatemala City. Photo by Rodrigo Abd.


当某人在胡闹或装小丑的时候你就可以用 clowning around 来形容。


Clowns from Central America, South America and the Caribbean have been getting together every year for the last four to exchange ideas and attend workshops. This year's congress is being held in Guatemala City. Clowns have been a feature of societies around the world for centuries. The oldest recorded clowns were from Egypt 5,000 years ago.



Stop clowning around and put your coat on. We're going to be late!

I meant to do so much work today but ended up clowning around most of the day.

He was a terrible student - always clowning around in classes.


To fool someone 是另一个短语,意思是骗人,让人相信一件不真实的事。

Example: I used to fool the bar staff and get served beer when I was only 16.


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