Hunky-dory 一切都好,没问题

更新时间 2012年 10月 16日, 星期二 - 格林尼治标准时间09:56

The script of this programme 本节目台词

Helen: Hi, I'm Helen, 欢迎收听《地道英语》节目。Sorry, I'll be with you in a moment, Chris – I'm just on the phone to Rob...

Chris: Sure.

Helen: Rob, do you need me to come and record with you in the studio this afternoon?

Rob: No, don't worry – I've got Neil coming over to record with me. Everything's hunky-dory.

Helen: Everything's wha-?

Rob: Gotta go. Speak to you later – bye!

Helen: OK, b- … Oh, he hung up. Rob 竟然把我的电话给挂了。

Chris: Having a busy day, Helen?

Helen: Yes, it's been so busy – I've got to move all these boxes. How is your day going?

Chris: No problems really. I've finished my script and I've already recorded another programme with Rosie... I'm hunky-dory.

Helen: Hunky-dory? 刚才 Rob 也是这么对我说的。这是什么意思?你们两个怎么看都不是属于那种 hunky 类型的人。

Chris: What?!

Helen: Well, 我的印象中 hunky 可以用来形容肌肉发达的,有吸引力的男子。

Chris: Well yes, hunky is a slang word for describing someone who is muscular…

Helen: So, you're not telling the truth when you say, 'I'm hunky… Dory'. My name's not 'Dory' though – why do you call me that?

A bodybuilder

Chris: I wasn't lying and saying 'I'm hunky'… and I wasn't calling you 'Dory' either. The phrase hunky-dory doesn't have anything to do with being muscular – it's an informal way of saying something's fine or satisfactory.

Helen: 原来如此,这么说 hunky dory 这个表达的意思是一切都很好,没有问题。It's a bit of a strange phrase though.

Chris: Yes, it is. No-one really knows where it comes from, other than it's believed to be an American phrase.

Helen: I see. 这个短语可能源于美国。So how can you use it?

Chris: Well, here are some examples:

  • I was really worried I'd lost her, but everything's hunky-dory now – she was waiting for me by the car
  • Our washing machine broke last night. An engineer is coming to take a look at it today, so it should be hunky-dory soon.

Chris: So you can use hunky-dory as an informal way to say that a situation is fine.

Helen: Now I understand! … Well, sadly nothing is hunky-dory for me… I've got all these boxes to move.

Chris: Is that why you invited my here?

Helen: Maybe…

Chris: Hmm… right then, let's get on with it. Where do you want them?

Helen: Just over there, please.

Chris: OK…

Helen: Thanks! Haha! My work will soon be done! … 好了,今天的节目就到这儿,我们下次再见。Bye-bye!

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