Keep your chin up! 别灰心!

更新时间 2012年 10月 30日, 星期二 - 格林尼治标准时间10:30

The script of this programme 本节目台词

(Rob visits Helen in hospital)

Rob: How are you feeling, Helen?

Helen: 谢谢你来看我,Rob. 我难受死了! 我的腿摔断了,下巴也给摔肿了,又青又紫 my pride is hurt! 太丢脸了!我周末去滑雪,摔了一下,竟然给摔成了这个样子!

Rob: Oh, bad luck, really. But your leg will heal and your bruises will disappear soon, Helen. There will be no sign of them in a few weeks.

Helen: 没错,我的腿会好的,我肿胀的下巴再过几周也会复原的,可是我现在疼呀!But I am in pain! 疼死了,疼死了!

Rob: But you'll get better, Helen. Keep your chin up!

A man leaning his chin on his hand

Why does Rob tell Helen to 'keep her chin up'?

Helen: Keep my chin up?! (Talking to herself) 把下巴抬高?这可能是新疗法吧?Rob 总是知道一些偏方或者代替疗法,说不定这会有助于血液循环。(To him) Is this good for circulation, Rob?

Rob: No Helen, it doesn't help your circulation! Just keep your chin up but... well, but... What are you doing? That's not what I mean.

Helen: 你不是这个意思? 我的下巴已经抬高了,难道抬得还不够高吗?Will it help my bruises disappear, Rob?

Rob: Not really. But it will make you feel better, Helen.

Helen: Keep my chin up 不会帮助消肿,但是会让我感觉好一些?! How come, Rob?

Rob: Well, in English, when we tell someone to keep their chin up we are telling them to stay positive in a tough situation. Let's listen to some examples.

  • "When young people say it is difficult to earn a living nowadays, I tell them to work hard, keep their chin up and they will go to places."
  • "I've just had an argument with my husband. My daughter said she wants to leave school and my cat ran away. I feel like crying. Sometimes it's hard to keep my chin up."

Helen: Oh, I've got it. 当你要鼓励一个人在困境中不要灰心的时候就可以说 keep your chin up! 这让我松了一口气,Rob. 你看上下左右这么一折腾,我的下巴现在比刚才还疼呢。

Rob: Sure, you can relax your chin now. And next time you go to some slope for some skiing make sure you stay on the nursery slopes..!

Helen: 你说幼儿园滑坡?!那是为小孩儿准备的!That's for kids!!

Rob: Not just for kids, Helen... it's for beginners! Anyway, don't be angry! Keep your chin up, Helen! With a lot of training, one day you'll be a great skier!

Helen: Yes, 也许你是对的,如果 keep my chin up 并且多训练,也许我终将会成为一名优秀的滑雪健将!

Rob: Bye for now.

Helen: Bye.

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