UK Olympic legacy 英国增加奥运重点项目拨款

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Britain ruled the waves!

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英国精英运动拨款机构宣布将对奥运和残奥运动项目增加11%的总体投资。不过对那些表现欠佳项目的投资额度将相对减少。以下是 BBC记者 Alex Capstick 的报道:

Britain finished third in the gold medal table at the London Olympics. The target is for the country to become the first host nation to improve on its tally at the following Games. And so UK Sport, which divides up the cash available to individual sports, has increased its funding to five hundred and sixty two million dollars, a rise of eleven per cent. But those sports which underperformed in 2012 have seen their allowance go down. Liz Nichol is the Chief Executive of UK Sport:

"We're very confident that the system can be even better in Rio. We're very confident there is more medal-winning potential to come. And so we're setting out with a very ambitious goal, we want to be the first nation in recent history to be more successful in both the Olympics and the Paralympics post hosting."

In this century Australia, Greece and even China failed to match their medal count in the years after they staged the summer Olympics. Britain has a no-compromise approach to investment. It means the likes of cycling, rowing and boxing, which delivered in London, get a financial windfall. But the amount set aside for swimming, which failed to meet expectations, has been slashed by six and a half million dollars. And there are four sports - basketball, handball, wrestling and table tennis - which will receive no money at all. Meanwhile, Paralympic sports were given a huge boost; their pot of cash has been swollen by 43%.

Quiz 听力测验

True or False? Britain wants to win more medals in the next Olympic Games in Rio.


True or false? All sports will have an equal share of the increased funding.


Why are Australia, Greece and China mentioned?

Because they all failed to match their medal count in the years after they staged the summer Olympics.

How much more investment is Britain putting into its Paralympic sports?

43% increase.

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