Sky-high 极高

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A man taking part in a ski jumping competition.

Anders Jacobsen of Norway takes part in the Ski Jumping World Cup, Innsbruck, Austria. Picture: Lars Baron / Getty


Ski jumping originated in Norway in 1809. The first ski jumper, Olaf Rye, travelled 9.5 metres before landing. Ski jumping has been part of the Olympic Winter Games since the first Games in 1924.

跳台滑雪起源于1809年的挪威。第一个跳台滑雪运动员 Olaf Rye 在着陆前腾空飞行了9.5米。从1924年的第一届冬奥会开始,跳台滑雪成为了冬奥会始终存在的一门赛项。


英语复合词 sky-high 是形容词,表示达到了极高的程度。


Train fares have gone sky-high. I spend half my pay just getting to work!

The prime minister's popularity was sky-high after he cut taxes for everybody.

I'd like to buy a house in the city but prices are sky-high.


If you say that 'the sky is the limit', it means that anything is possible.

另一个短语是 the sky is the limit, 意思是没有限制,任何可能性都存在。

If you have talent and work hard, the sky is the limit.


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