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Tea being poured

The British can't live without a nice cup of tea

哪些东西是你生活中不能缺少的?一项最新调查显示英国人有20项首要必须品不能缺少,其中包括互联网,英国茶和巧克力。以下是 BBC 记者 Martin Vennard 发回的报道:

For Baloo the bear in The Jungle Book, it was honey, ants, paw paws and prickly pears.
But when it comes to the Great British public, the top four things people couldn't live without were an internet connection, a television, a cuddle and a trustworthy best friend.

And while women placed cuddles as their number one 'bare necessity', men were more into television. For women, chocolate, central heating and a cup of tea all ranked highly. But for men, a cooked breakfast and a pint of beer were up there. I asked people on the streets of London what their bare necessities were:

Vox pops of people in London:

My girlfriend. X-box. Cigarettes. Money's the main thing – makes the world go round! Phone. My family and kids. Freedom, democracy, independence, votes, women's rights. My kids. Water. My wife I think, that's about the best. Very diplomatic!

Eighty-six per cent of those polled admitted that they overlooked love and friendship in favour of materialistic things - which could explain why the iPhone helps so many British people rest at ease when it comes to the bare necessities of life.

Quiz 听力测验

True or false? According to the survey, British people don't need a good friend.


Name one thing that men said was important, that women didn't.

A cooked breakfast, a pint of beer, television.

Did a few people or a lot of people overlook love and friendship in this survey?

A lot of people (86%).

What object helps many British people relax because they can keep in contact with friends and family?

The iPhone.

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