Smog chokes Singapore 烟雾令新加坡窒息

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Smog over Singapore

Serious air pollution hangs over Singapore

烟雾霾霾的天气继续影响着新加坡,马来西亚和印度尼西亚。本周五(六月二十一日)新加坡的空气污染水平达到了历史最严重程度。据信,印尼苏门答腊岛的非法焚烧森林活动是造成这场严重空气污染的主要原因。以下是BBC记者 Karishma Vaswani 的报道:

Singapore says its citizens should remain indoors if they can - cautioning that the thick smog that has blanketed the island could go on until the dry season ends in Sumatra in September.

The smog has strained diplomatic ties between Singapore and Indonesia - two countries that usually share good relations. Singapore says it is up to Indonesia to stop the fires, while Indonesia says it is doing all it can and its own citizens are suffering too.

The haze is an annual problem for this part of the world, caused by smouldering forest fires in Sumatra. Strong winds carry the smoke from the fires to neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia.

This year though the levels of air pollution are particularly hazardous. The last time this region was so badly affected was in 1997 when the South East Asian haze lasted for months, and reportedly made 20 million people ill.

Quiz 听力测验

True or false? The smog has helped improve relations between Singapore and Indonesia.


How often does the haze, caused by the smog, happen?

Every year (annually)

What has caused the haze that has led to air pollution across South East Asia?

Forest fires in Sumatra

When the region was last badly affected by smog, how long did it last for?

It lasted for months

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