Get off your high horse 别那么趾高气扬

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British model Katie Price dressed as a pink pony

British model and entrepreneur Katie Price is dressed as a pink pony to celebrate her company's 5th anniversary and launch a range of equestrian products. Photo: Joel Ryan/ Invision/ AP


Archaeologists think that horses were first tamed and exploited by humans some 6,000 years ago in west Kazakhstan.



我们可以对行为言语盛气凌人、趾高气扬、摆大架子的人说 get off your high horse, get down off your high horse 或 come off your high horse.


Stop criticising everyone! You should get down off your high horse and admit that you aren't perfect either!

John used to tell his fellow classmates what a genius he was. But after he got a couple of bad marks, he had to come off his high horse and study as hard as everyone else.


短语 to back the wrong horse 的意思是下错赌注、支持失败的一方。

Our boss should have promoted me to senior management. Peter doesn't have enough experience to be in that position. The boss backed the wrong horse!


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