World War I wills 一战士兵遗嘱

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Will from WWI soldier

This will left everything to the soldier's mother

23万名献身于第一次世界大战的士兵的遗嘱将被放到网站上供亲属查阅。遗嘱中记录了阵亡士兵最后的愿望和思虑。以下是 BBC Martin Vennard 的报道:

The wills and letters that accompanied them give a picture of the lives and loves of the some of the millions of soldiers who served in the First World War.

They tell of the family and friends that the men at the front had left behind.

The following are extracts from those written by Privates Harry Lewis Lincoln and Joseph Witchburn:

Private Harry Lewis Lincoln:

My dearest Clara, I have been expecting a letter from you. I expect you thought I might not get it. But you can always write to the last address. It will always find me, dear Clara.

Private Joseph Witchburn:

If I get killed in active service there will be a medal for me somewhere, and I hope you will try to get it and keep it for the boy to wear when he grows up.

Historian Peter Simkins described his emotion on locating, through the archive, the will of his great-uncle Frank Hill, who went missing on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey in 1918.

Peter Simkins:

I was staggered that this, not only at the speed at which it was located and sent to me but also by the fact that here was something I thought I'd never see.

The British troops kept their wills tucked in their uniforms inside their pocket service books.

Once the men died the wills were collected by the military authorities.

Now, the first batch of some 230,000 of the surviving documents have been digitised and put online.

Among other wills that have been made available are those of a professional footballer and the grandfather of the musician Mick Fleetwood.

The wills, which belong to the British state, are being digitised in time for next year's centenary of the start of World War I.

Quiz 听力测验

1. True or false? The wills in the story are only from soldiers who died in the war.


2. What did Private Joseph Witchburn hope his son would do when he grew up?

He hoped he would wear his father's medal.

3. What happened to Peter Simkins’ uncle?

He went missing in Turkey in 1918.

4. When is the centenary of the beginning of the First World War?

Next year.

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