Cut to the chase 说话直截了当

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

(Finn and Feifei are in the car going to work)

Finn: Thank you for driving me to work today, Feifei.

Feifei: Yeah, 很荣幸开车送你去上班。

Finn: By the way, I noticed that you had a meeting with the boss yesterday… Good news?

Feifei: Yes, 昨天老板找我去谈话,然后告诉我了一个好消息。一开始,他先给我了…

Finn: A pay rise.

Feifei: 不是加薪。他先给我倒了杯茶。然后给我了…

wing mirror

Is there someone chasing Feifei and Finn?

Finn: A promotion?

Feifei: 不是加薪,是饼干。接着他问我…

Finn: 他问你…if you want a post abroad!?

Feifei: 不是的,不是问我想不想去驻国外公司上班。他是问我坐的椅子舒不舒服…

Finn: Come on Feifei, cut to the chase!

Feifei:Cut to the chase!? 你说 chase? 谁追我们?我快加油,开快点儿。快看看甩掉了没?

Finn: Slow down, Feifei! Nobody is chasing us!

Feifei: 没人追我们?那咱们停一会儿。

Finn: Oh. That was quite an adventure. In English, we say "cut to the chase" when we want to hear the most important piece of information in a conversation. You want the person to get to the point.

Feifei: 短语 cut to the chase 的意思是捡重要的说,开门见山,切入主题。这个短语最早可能来自电影,因为电影追逐场面最刺激、最惊险。

Finn: Let's hear some examples:

  • The salesman went on and on about the computer's new features till I told him: Cut to the chase! What is the price?
  • We've been going out for five years. Let's cut to the chase. Just tell me: Are you going to marry me?

Finn: So "cut to the chase" Feifei and tell me: What did the boss offer you?

Feifei: 我不是刚给你说了老板问我什么了吗。

Finn: What was it?

Feifei: 他问我坐的椅子舒不舒服,我说不舒服,然后他说给我买把新椅子,这样我就可以舒舒服服的坐着加班了。

Finn: 哎呀, is that all!?

Feifei: Yes. 我总说我腰疼,所以新椅子对于我来说可真是个好消息。

Finn: Well. I don't have a bad back but I'm aching for a pay rise 提薪。 Let's go to the office. Bye.

Feifei: Bye.

(car starting)

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