Out of the picture 不相干的

更新时间 2013年 9月 24日, 星期二 - 格林尼治标准时间08:31

The script of this programme 本节目台词

(Finn is visiting Feifei)

Feifei: Hi Finn. 谢谢你来我家给我这位特殊朋友拍照。

Finn: My pleasure, Feifei. I take pride in being a great photographer. I brought some of my best pictures.

Feifei: 是吗?我知道你拍照技术超好,快让我看看你带的照片…

Finn: Ok. Well, this one I took during a trip to Paris.


Cutie Pie is definitely not out of the picture

Feifei: 就是去年夏天你和你女朋友 Ann 去巴黎那次拍的吧?

Finn: Ann… Yes. Ann is out of the picture now. Ah, but look at the Eiffel Tower!

Feifei: Oh… Ann is out of the picture 在照片外面?

Finn: And this one I took at a dinner party in my flat.

Feifei: Yes, 这张是你和你合住的房友 Johnny 一起照的。

Finn: Yes, my ex-flatmate “Dirty Socks” Johnny. He is out of the picture now too.

Feifei: Johnny, out of the picture 在照片外? Finn, 他不是在照片里吗?你为什么总说他们 out of the picture?

Finn: No, no, no. Ann and Johnny appear in some of my snaps. But I broke up with Ann. She ran away with a Frenchman.

Feifei: 哦,Ann 已经不是你女朋友了。那 Johnny 呢?

Finn: “Dirty Socks” Johnny moved out. He used to leave his socks everywhere!

Feifei: Oh, Johnny 搬走了。

Finn: Exactly. In English, when we say someone is “out of the picture” we mean they are not involved in a particular situation anymore.

Feifei: 短语 out of the picture 的意思是时过境迁,指一个人不再处于其中了,换句话说就是不再相干了。

Finn: Let’s hear some examples.

  • Divorce was good for Mrs Jones. She looks very happy with her husband out of the picture.
  • My team is bound to lose this weekend now our best player is out of the picture. He broke his leg yesterday.

Finn: Right! Now let’s meet your special someone in the garden, Feifei. I’ll take a great picture!


Feifei: Here we are! 这就是我的院子,我特殊的小朋友呢就在这儿。

Finn: Feifei, this is a hamster!

Feifei: Yes! 我的仓鼠叫 Cutie Pie. 我的 Cutie Pie! 你不觉的它很可爱吗 Finn?

Finn: He is not very photogenic, I’m afraid, Feifei.

Feifei: 什么意思它不上相?我的小宠物可漂亮着呢!(to the hamster) Sweetie yummy come to mummy. 你一定要在照片里!

Finn: I have no choice and Cutie Pie will be in the picture. Oh dear! I can kiss goodbye to my career as a serious photographer.

Feifei: Bye.

Finn: Bye bye.

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