Sochi Olympic flame 索契冬奥会圣火已点燃

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Olympic flame

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will take place between 7th to 23rd February 2014

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索契冬季奥运会圣火已被点燃。最高女祭司用反射的阳光点燃了圣火。此次火炬传递路线是冬奥会历史上最长的,总距离约6.5万公里,火炬还将首次被送入国际空间站进行展示。请听 Jonathan Josephs 发来的报道:

Dressed in cream-coloured, shoulderless, pleated dresses, 21 high priestesses perform an elaborate dance routine. The actresses were surrounded by the ruins of the Temple of Hera in Olympia - the site of the ancient Olympics.

As they moved in carefully choreographed routines, the torch for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was lit.

Tall construction cranes still hang over Sochi's Olympic stadium. There are concerns over whether the venues will be ready for February. Despite recent backing from a leading IOC official, locals are split.

By the time the Olympic flame arrives at Sochi's opening ceremony, it will have taken its first ever trip to space and visited nearly 3,000 different places in Russia. But questions remain as to whether it can truly inspire equality for all.

Quiz 听力测验

1. True or false? The 2014 Winter Olympic flame was lit at the Temple of Hera.


2. True or false? The Olympic Stadium in Sochi is ready for the Games.

False. Tall construction cranes are still hanging over Sochi's Olympic stadium.

3. What did the priestesses wear?

They wore cream-coloured, shoulderless, pleated dresses.

4. Where will the flame's first ever visit be?


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