Chasing your tail 瞎忙活

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The tail of a whale

The tail of a southern right whale, off the coast of South Africa


A southern right whale's head measures one third of its total length. It is easy to identify, as the enormous head is covered in white-coloured outgrowths of tough skin. They are only found in the oceans of the southern hemisphere.



短语 chasing your tail 的意思就是从早到晚忙个不停,但没有太多收获,就是我们常说的瞎忙活或无谓瞎忙。


I've been chasing my tail all day, but I haven't got anything done! What a waste of a day!

Organising a meeting for next week has been impossible. I've been chasing my tail trying to sort out a date, venue and agenda... I'll try again tomorrow!


短语 to run around like a headless chicken 的意思是投入大量精力去做很多事情,但是没有任何真正的收益,如汉语里常说的“像无头苍蝇到处乱撞”。

I've been running around like a headless chicken all day trying to get ready for my holiday, but it's already 7.30pm and I've still got loads to do!


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