Black and white 黑白分明的

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Giant panda, London Zoo

An adult panda can weigh up to 150kg and grow up to 150cm


Giant pandas are famous for their love of bamboo, and it forms over 90% of the animal's diet. Unfortunately, bamboo has very poor nutritional value, meaning pandas have to consume up to 20kg each day to survive.



若说某个局面是 black and white, 那意思就黑白分明,很容易判别错与对。


I'm really sure about some things. I think free education for all is a black and white issue.

The question of nuclear power isn't black and white. Many people believe it is the only way to produce a large amount of clean energy - but many others think it has considerable dangers.


短语 in black and white 的意思是白纸黑字,常用来形容某事被写下来作记录。

I couldn't believe I had won the lottery, but when I checked my bank statement there it was in black and white: one million dollars!


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