To file away 存档

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Are you good at organising your papers?


These days, in English, you are likely to see or hear the word 'file' when talking about computer files. We talk about 'filenames'; 'types of file' (doc, jpg, mp3, mp4); and 'file size' in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB) and even terabytes (TB).

如今在英语里,你会经常看到和听到单词 file, 尤其是在谈论电脑文件时。我们会说 filenames 文件名;types of file 文件格式 (doc, jpg, mp3, mp4) 还有 file size 文件大小。 Kilobytes (KB) 是千字节,megabytes (MB) 是兆字节,gigabytes (GB) 是十亿字节和 terabytes (TB) 兆兆字节。


动词短语 to file away 的意思是把同类文件存档。


All my letters are filed away in a big cabinet in my office.

On Friday mornings I pay the bills and invoices from the past week, then I file them away.


还有一个有趣的俚语表达就是 the circular file. 你知道当我们把某物放进 circular file 后,这样东西去哪儿了吗?答案就是废纸篓。

A: What happened to those printouts?
B: Oh, they went in the circular file, sorry. I didn't think you needed them.


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