Cheques to be paid in via phone 英国银行将接受手机拍摄的电子支票

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Cheques will be preserved by using modern technology

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英国财政部宣布,英国银行将很快受理客户通过智能手机拍摄的电子支票。以下是 BBC记者 Hugh Pym 的报道。

It could become as simple as this: picking up your mobile phone, taking a picture of the cheque you’ve just received and your bank account is credited.

In other words, no more queuing at a bank branch. The government is considering legislation which will make this become a reality.

But what about security? Can an image of a cheque really be a safe substitute for the real thing? The banking industry says it does now have the right technology.

It hopes the cheque imaging will speed up the clearing process. Time could be saved by not having to sort and move paperwork between banks.

The technology is widely used in the United States.

Quiz 听力测验

How will bank customers be able to pay cheques into their accounts?

They will take a picture of their cheques with their smartphone and send it to their bank.

According to the report, who says the new system is safe?

The banking industry.

True or false? The new system will save the banks time because they won't have so many customers to serve.

False. The banks believe this new system might speed up the clearing process.

According to the report, where else is the system being used?

In the United States.

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