Hollande visits US 奥朗德访美

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The White House

Hollande's visit to the White House is the first by any head of state since 2011

法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德希望他的美国之行将提高他在国内的民信度,法国人对他整合国家经济的能力抱有疑虑。这是自 1996 年以来法国总统首次对美进行国事访问。以下是 BBC 记者 Christian Fraser 从巴黎发回的报道

François Hollande's visit to Washington signals a new era in US-French relations.

Forgotten are the days when France stood opposed to the US venture in Iraq; gone from the menu are the Freedom Fries. These days, the two countries find themselves largely in step on a wide range of international issues.

France's robust military response to threats in Mali and the Central African Republic, their tough stance on Iran's nuclear programme and Mr Hollande's willingness to strike the Syrian regime - albeit that the US stood in his way - have put France in a leading position among Washington's traditional allies.

Quiz 听力测验

Was the US willing to attack the Syrian regime?

No. France was willing to but the US stood in its way.

Do France and the US have the same opinion on many international issues?

Yes, they are in step on a wide range of international issues.

Did France respond strongly in the Central African Republic?

Yes, they made a robust response to threats in the Central African Republic.

Which word means a 'new activity which contains some risk'?


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