Keyed up 激动万分

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A bunch of keys

What is the key to success when learning English?


In English we talk about a 'bunch of keys', meaning a group of keys which are attached together. The group noun 'bunch' is also used for things like bananas and flowers when they are fastened together in a tight group.

A bunch of keys 意思是一串钥匙。Bunch 是个集合名词表示一串、一束、一捆或一簇什么东西,比如一串香蕉 a bunch of bananas, 一束鲜花 a bunch of flowers 等等。


短语 keyed up 形容一种状态,表示激动万分的、紧张不安的。这个短语常和单词 about 连用。


I'm really keyed up about the show tonight.

You've been keyed up all morning, Clive. You should take some time to relax before your exam.


短语 the key to something 意思是成就某事的关键。比如幸福的关键 key to happiness 是什么?致富的关键 key to wealth 是什么?

The key to happiness is accepting that you can't change everything.


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