The boot is on the other foot 情况发生逆转

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》。我是冯菲菲。

Rob: ...and me, Rob. Hello.

Feifei: Hey Rob, thanks for going shopping with me yesterday. It was fun, wasn't it?

Rob: Erm, was it? I don't really call shopping 'fun', but if it made you happy then that's OK. Now it's your turn to make me happy! Come on, get your walking boots on.

Feifei: (suspicious) Why, what we are going to do?

Rob: Go for a hike up that hill over there. You know how I love hiking.

Feifei: (reluctantly) Oh, if I have to... I really don't like hiking.

Some wellington boots

Which boot, which foot?

Rob: Ha! You see, the boot's on the other foot now.

Feifei: What? I think you'll find both my boots are on the correct feet.

Rob: No Feifei. I'm not really talking about your boots. When we say 'the boot's on the other foot' it means the situation is now the opposite of what it was.

Feifei: Thanks for clearing that up. 短语 the boot is on the other foot 的意思是情况与先前的正好相反或形势完全不同了。OK Rob, so you mean I am the one who is going to suffer now.

Rob: Yes, exactly. It's my turn for some fun now. So come on, now you've got your boots on, let's go.

Feifei: Hold on, let's hear some examples of this phrase in action first...

  • My football team was always top of the Premiership, but since Manchester United signed that new player, the boot's on the other foot now.
  • My brother always had all the luck, but since I won the lottery, the boot is on the other foot now!

Feifei: 当我们说 boot 靴子或 shoe 鞋子穿在另一只脚的时候,我们的意思是目前形势或状况已经完全不同了。Actually Rob, I have to admit I am quite enjoying the walk.

Rob: (surprised) Really?

Feifei: Yes, my walking boots are so comfortable, the sun is shining - it's actually quite fun!

Rob: Ouch!

Feifei: What's up?

Rob: Your boots may be comfortable, but mine are - well, actually they're too tight! Ouch. Can we go back now?

Feifei: Ha ha - the boot's on the other foot again!

Rob: Will you carry me?

Feifei: No!

Rob: Bye.

Feifei: Bye.

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