Loan shark 放高利贷者

A shark at the Sydney Aquarium, Australia Image copyright bbc
Image caption This shark at the Sydney Aquarium certainly had visitors shaking in their boots


短语 loan shark 直译是“贷款鲨鱼”,实意是指放高利贷的人,而且多数情况下他们是非法放贷的。


During the recession, many people lost their jobs and turned to loan sharks to pay their bills.

The police announced they will arrest loan sharks who have been threatening to break the legs of clients with late payments.


另一个与海洋动物有关的短语是 sleeping with the fishes 用来形容某人被犯罪分子谋杀了,葬身鱼腹。美国电影《教父》促使了这个表达的流行。这是一个非正式用语。


Don't worry about him, Vinnie. He's sleeping with the fishes. Don Corleone would be proud of me!