You're a star! 你真棒!

Christmas lights and decorations in London
Image caption Lights and decorations such as these in London give a magic feel to Christmas nights


当某人帮你解决了大难题时,你可以说 “ You are a star! 你简直就是明星!” 意思是,你真厉害或你真棒。


The dinner party I invited my boss to was a success thanks to Mary. She cooked the main dish. She's a star!

I've got so much work to do. I'm happy you've offered to help. You're a star!


当有什么事情偶然发生,类似不幸中的万幸,人们可能会说 thank your lucky stars.


John thanked his lucky stars his teacher didn't catch him cheating in his exams. He'd have been immediately expelled from school.