Many kinds of intelligence 考试无法全面评估学生的智力


We all dread exam results.

But one English school has decided to soften the blow with a letter.

Tests don't assess all the things which make people "special and unique", it says. A love for music or sports, or just being "kind and thoughtful" is also important, according to the note.

The letter has gone viral on the internet.

But the head teacher of Barrowford Primary School has now been accused of plagiarism, after a similar message was discovered on an American blog.

Vocabulary 词汇:

dread 极为害怕,非常担心

soften the blow 减轻打击

thoughtful 考虑周到的

gone viral 像病毒般迅速扩散

plagiarism 抄袭,剽窃