Take for a ride 欺骗人


The script of this programme 本节目台词

Rob: Hello Li. What a nice handbag. Is it new?

Li: Yes, Rob. Thank you. 这是我刚从名牌店里买的,虽然很贵,但没关系,因为很快我就有钱了,到时候我可能买上十个这样的名牌包!Soon I will be able to afford ten like this one!

Rob: What do you mean?

Li: 今天下午我要和一名财务顾问碰个面,他可以让我变得富有!He promised to make me rich!

Rob: And how is he going to do that?

Li: 他说有家新高科技公司正在研发一种轿车,只需要新鲜空气作为燃料,太了不起了!A car which uses only fresh air for fuel!

Rob: Air?!

Li: Yes. Isn't that brilliant?!

Rob: Li, do you know this guy very well?

Li: No. 不过他建议我的邻居也从这家公司买股票呢。He's also advised my neighbour to buy shares in this company.

Image caption Beware not to be taken for a ride

Rob: Li, this guy is taking you and your neighbour for a ride!

Li: 好啊,我期待着呢。坐坐以空气为动力的轿车兜兜风,那该是什么感觉呀… A ride in this wonderful car powered by air…

Rob: No. I don't mean that. In English, when we say someone is 'taking you for a ride', we mean he is deceiving you. This company might not even exist – and I'm sure the car is just a fantasy…

Li: 真的?!难道我碰上骗子了?看来英语表达“taking you for a ride 欺骗人”用在这里最合适。因为这个人想诱我上钩,骗取我的钱!没门!

Rob: I'm afraid so. 'Take for a ride' is today's expression in Authentic Real English. Here are some examples of how it's used.

  • That hotel took me for a ride. When I booked the room they said they'd give me a full cooked breakfast but all I got was a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Never going back there again.
  • Don't be taken for a ride. If an offer seems too good to be true, it's probably not real.

Li: Oh, Rob. Thank you very much for warning me. 谢谢你警告我哟。

Rob: You're welcome.

Li: 说起 rides 这个词,我想问问你如果在一般情况下有人说 take someone for a ride or to give someone a ride 那么这两个短语都表示开着车带某人兜一圈儿或兜风,对不对?

Rob: Yes, it can – especially in American English. The meaning can be literal, or idiomatic: it's all about the context.

Li: 看来要看上下文的语境了,这个短语在美式英语里一般都表示兜风。那好,我们就当一次美国人吧。Can you give me a ride home in your car?

Rob: Sure thing Li. It will be a pleasure to have you riding in my car. No idiom. And my car is powered by more than just fresh air.

Li: Thank you, Rob. 看来今后要对那些听上去天上掉馅儿饼的事多打几个问号。I'll try to be more suspicious of things which sound too good to be true.

Rob: That's good. OK Li, come on, jump in.

Li: Bye.

Rob: Bye.