Making waves 兴风作浪 引起轰动

Surfer watches the waves
Image caption It is believed that surfing has been around since humans began swimming in the ocean


我们用 make waves 来形容某人或事对外产生了影响,引起轰动,甚至制造风波。


This footballer is really making waves. People are impressed by his consistently amazing performances.

This news story is really making waves this week. Everyone is talking about it.

In the conference, he talked about the gadgets that made waves last year.


短语 wave goodbye to something 的意思是向某事或某物挥手告别,形容接受得不到某物的事实。


I'm always late for work at the moment. I think I can wave goodbye to a pay rise this year!

If you want to get top grades, you can wave goodbye to your social life - you'll have to study every night.