A close shave 侥幸的脱险


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Image caption When else can you have a close shave?

The script of this programme 本节目台词

Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听BBC英语教学为你带来的《地道英语》。我是冯菲菲。

Rob: ...and me Rob. Hello.

Feifei: Rob 这脸上是怎么了?好像划破了?Rob, are you OK? You've got some cuts on your face.

Rob: Oh well, I've had a bit of a bad morning.

Feifei: I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?

Rob: I was cycling to the office and some idiot ran out in the road, right in front of me.

Feifei: Crikey - did you hit him?

Rob: No - but it was a close shave.

Feifei: A close shave? Did he have a razor?! 这也太可怕了吧!今早 Rob 在骑自行车上班路上,一个人突然从路边跳到 Rob 面前,而且还用剃须刀划了 Rob 的脸?哎呀呀,真可怕。

Rob: No Feifei - that would have hurt. This is an expression that describes a dangerous or unpleasant situation that has only just been avoided. It almost happened... but it didn't.

Feifei: 哦,这样啊!吓死我了。原来 a close shave 这个表达和刮胡子没有什么关系。它实际是被用来形容某人侥幸脱险,逃过一劫,幸免于害。Lucky for you! So you're saying you nearly had an accident but you didn't?

Rob: Exactly. Let's hear some more examples of this phrase...


  • We ran to catch the train - it was a close shave but we just managed to get on.
  • I had a close shave when a fast car just missed me as I was crossing the road.
  • It was close shave but I don't think my mum saw us smoking.

Feifei: 大家一定要记住,a close shave 用来形容逃过一劫、侥幸的脱险,有惊无险。So you had a narrow escape this morning Rob?

Rob: I did. Why don't people look when they cross the road?! I could have ended up falling off my bike and being hit by a bus.

Feifei: 你要是没摔下自行车,那你的脸是怎么弄成这样的?If you didn't fall off your bike, why have you got those cuts on your face?

Rob: Oh... these! Well, I had a shave this morning and used a blunt razor.

Feifei: Ouch! So you really did have 'a close shave'!

Rob: Ha ha. You're as sharp as a razor Feifei! I mean intelligent or sharp-witted.

Feifei: Unlike your razor!

Both: Bye!