Business jargon 商务术语

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Business Jargon 商务术语

An audio programme about business jargon in the workplace


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"I'm wondering if your programme can explain more on business English, especially its jargon usage. I'm curious about its usage, for example phrases like 'touch base', ‘downsize' etc. Thanks!"

Shan, Hong Kong

Business jargon can sound like a very different language. Jargon refers to a specialised language that gets used in a certain profession or trade.

In business it is sometimes unfairly called ‘management-speak’. It can be a clever way of disguising what people really want to say!

Listen out for these phrases in the programme:

Touch base


Going forward

Close of play

Jackie and Helen explain the real meaning of these phrases.

As always, if you have a question about the English language you can send it to the team at

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