Bar, pub or club? 高档酒吧,传统酒吧还是夜总会?

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Bar, pub or club? 高档酒吧,传统酒吧还是夜总会?

Jee wants to know the difference between three places British places socialise. Neil and Helen go on a trip to explain.


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British people like to socialise, but where do they go?

"I was wondering could you please tell me the difference between bar and pub, as well as club?"

Jee, China

There are pubs, bars and clubs, but what's the difference between them?

You would probably go to one for a normal night out, another for a special occasion and the other for a big night out.

Neil and Helen go on a mini tour of establishments in London to explain the difference between these three places. They also have a lot of fun in the process. Join them!

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